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IT Recruitment

IT-RecruitHK.ComIt is an information technology talent recruitment agency (headhunting company). Its clients include government, financial services and business sectors, specializing in talent search and recruitment services.

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About AGroup

AGroup Company can help you solve your talent needs in a changing market and quickly provide the right talent, which is our biggest competitive advantage. We have a high-quality candidate library, AGroup can provide talents, choose the right individuals to the right job, and bring faster and better business results to customers.

We believe that - key talents are the most important strategic resources of enterprises, and also the main creators of corporate value, but also an important advantage for the continued growth of enterprises. Our mission is to find the key talent for your business and create value for your business. We have over 500,000 talent lists and are fully up to date on all the different aspects of the job market.


As a professional IT and technology recruitment agent, we provide expertise to our clients. Because each of our consultants is an expert in the field. Whether you want to recruit individuals, the entire team, or just need some recruitment advice or compensation information, recruitment trends, etc., IT-RecruitHK.Com has a wealth of experience to provide you with professional advice to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

IT Recruitment(Headhunt)

Since 2005, we have been providing platforms, technology and recruitment solutions to our clients and job seekers. We specialize in the needle industry and specialize in the human market trends of the relevant industries. Recruitment services are provided specifically for information technology, government, business, sales, digital marketing and finance teams, etc. Information technology staff/engineers and designers, including long-term, temporary and contractual, especially those with a monthly salary ranging from HK$30,000 to HK$80,000, and have deep experience in this area.

Areas of expertise include recruitment in the following industries:

Web designer
Mobile programming
IT sales
IT execution
IT Director
IT manager
project manager
hardware engineer
software engineer
Financial IT recruitment
Government IT Recruitment
Contract IT Recruitment
Long-term IT recruitment

Provide market intelligence and recruitment advice

IT-RecruitHK.Com can be a forward-looking industry, mainly because we regularly update pay trends, industry trends, forecasts and research on corporate and job seeker trends and develop strategies to attract job seekers. We are highly regarded by the industry, including feedback from approximately 5,000 IT professionals. With our experienced recruitment consultants, we are happy to arrange tailor-made solutions for you or your business, please contact us.

IT-RecruitHK.Com can provide IT staff recruitment services for banks, governments, commercial customers, and all walks of life.
For more service information, please contact our professional team.

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Our Vision

“We are eager to be a leader in technology and IT recruitment, building an unparalleled reputation for both clients and job seekers, and building respected, quality and professional personnel consulting services in the personnel consulting industry.”

Our Value

At IT-RecruitHK, our values are very important to every employee. It can better reflect the corporate value and positioning of AGroup including:

  • Focus - "Keeping the market's tentacles and forward-looking"

  • Integrity - Committed to personal integrity and corporate social responsibility

  • High quality - excellence, not quantification

  • Trustworthy - Responsible, reliable, honest

  • High performance - fast and accurate service


At IT-RecruitHK, we also have a core set of concepts to manage our behavior. AGroup's corporate culture includes:

  • We seek truth from facts

  • We bring fun to work, pride in our career and passion

  • We work together to realize our dreams and care for each other

  • We accept the challenge, constantly seek new solutions, and persist in learning is a subsidiary of AGroup Company

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Tel:  (852) 2151-1098

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